Music Projects

Thanks for stopping by. I currently manage m1qnet and @thedeadauthor music projects.

I was Xonikk, B∆SE32, スーパーソニック, and Longma in the past. I routinely make demos, samples, remixes & mixtapes.

FL Studio is my primary DAW. I casually use Ableton Live. I love experimenting foley manipulation and resynthesis.

Dead Author

I’ve produced the following tracks for Palakaddan Dystopia.

Palakkadan Dystopia is a multilingual anarchist/dystopian hip-hop project by Street Academics.

m1qnet: The Flipside Mixtape 2020

The Flipside Mixtape is a compilation of several bootleg edits, instrumentals, and some originals I cooked up during the lockdown. You can download the mixtape for free from Bandcamp. PayPal donations are welcome, however.

m1qnet: The Pendulum EP 2020

The Pendulum EP is a Frankenstein-Esque electronica experiment fueled by ghastly bass and hard-hitting drums.

Xonikk: Reprise Mixtape 2020

Reprise is a mixtape collection of reimagined video game music. The special edition features three bonus tracks exclusive to the Bandcamp release.

Xonikk: Lockdown Mixtape 2020

Xonikk: Goodbye 再见 LP 2015 – 2017

Xonikk: Lost Years Mixtape 2012 – 2015

Xonikk: Void Voyagers EP 2013