Grew up in Kozhikode, India, and currently settled in Chengdu, China.

Growing Up — I’m a huge fan of the 8-bit video games even though I grew up during the reign of 16-bit consoles and 32-bit handhelds. My major was electronics but I dropped out of college to focus on digital media marketing and other stuff I truly adored.

Career — Since 2012, I’m actively tracking/researching big G‘s search algorithm patterns. As a full-stack marketing director, I’ve helped small to medium-sized businesses in improving their conversion rate. I’ve previously worked with agencies like WebNamaste (IN), IOSS (IN), Acodez (IN), etc. and tech companies like IObit (CN), ugChain (SG), LabEx (HK) to name a few.

Things I fancy — Loves to read papers on absurdism and existentialism. I watch an unhealthy amount of movies including B-grade thrillers every year. Here are my top 100 movies of all time (as of October 2018).

Music —  I’ve produced experimental electronic music under the monikers base32, Xonikk, supaxonikk, and Longma. m1qnet is my latest project. Here’s a bunch you can listen now.

Gaming — I love indie games. I don’t have access to my gaming PC right now, and the steam account is rusted also.


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